connectivity interpreing services

Interpreters keep the world connected, facilitating business prospects as well as globalisation

If your business needs to expand further into the global market, establishing seamless communication between your company and your clients or audience is of very high importance. One way of keeping both parties on the same page is by utilising a professional interpreter’s language expertise.
Quality professional interpretation services will impact on your brand image and cultivate cross-cultural business relationships, as well as helping you to establish rapport with your foreign clients. Read on to find out the key qualities every professional interpreter possesses,


Interpreters usually have acquired certification or accreditation from a reputable interpretation institution. This is to ensure that apart from having a better grasp on language requirements, they would also be sufficiently knowledgeable about the interpretation codes of ethics.

Astounding language skills

The most obvious and important quality interpreters should have is an accomplished comprehension of the language they interpret. In addition to this, they must have efficient intuitive skills in order to interpret idioms, nuance and metaphors to the correct message and meaning.

Speciality knowledge

Apart from being a multilingual speaker, professional interpreters require specialised knowledge of a specific industry or field such as the life science, legal, business or technology sectors.

Excellent concentration and memory

Interpreters have superb concentration as well as short and medium term memory as they will have to listen, understand and interpret conversations, all in real time. However, there is a limit to everyone’s ability to concentrate and it is not advisable to overwork an interpreter. Provide them with plenty of advance information in the form of a briefing, detailed agenda, copies of speeches and presentations. Also whilst they are working provide them with sufficient break time, access to water and a chance to clear their head. If interpreters are interpreting continuously or are working in an interpreting booth they should not interpret for more than 20 minutes without a break.

Cultural competence

In order to relay a message correctly, interpreters must have a clear grasp of cultural norms. They should also be able to determine certain nonverbal cues or customs that are specific to a particular group of people or geographical place.
If you are in the life science or technology sector, Bath Translations can provide you with interpreting services in all major languages. We take pride in our professional interpreters who have at least 3 years of experience working as specialist interpreters in their fields, ready to support you at business meetings, conferences, trade fairs, science and technology fairs and other events, at home or abroad. Interested? Send us an email or give us a call on 01985 250074.