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Transcription, Translation and Voiceover Services for High-Tech Industries


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Bath Translations can assist you with audio and video transcription and voiceover services. We can also provide subtitles for multilingual online corporate videos or, alternatively, we can provide a professional voiceover artist for foreign-language corporate videos.

Our transcription and voiceover services are widely used in the pharmaceutical research sector for in-depth physician interviews, patient interviews, corporate videos and online training videos for new pharmaceutical devices.

Our expertise includes the following:

  • Audio transcription, video transcription, subtitling and voiceovers at specialist media studios
  • Experience in most audio and video formats
  • Linguists with sector-specific knowledge
  • Flexibility
  • Cost-effective services

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The industry standard is between ten and fifteen minutes of speech per hour. When time coding is also required, the process can take up to three times as long.


Use the guide below to estimate how long it will take to transcribe your audio:


Transcription for reference: 60 minutes of audio per day


Transcription for voiceover: 30 to 40 minutes of audio per day


Transcription for subtitling: 20 to 30 minutes of audio per day


What about audio and video translation?


Your audio or video can be translated directly into your target language, but how we do this will depend on how you intend to use the translation.


Perhaps you need an interview to be translated simply because you need to understand what it says.


Maybe you need to re-purpose the video for a foreign language-speaking audience. To do this, we may need to add subtitles to the video, in which case we’ll need to work with the limited number of characters available for each frame. Alternatively, you may wish to add a foreign-language voiceover to the video. This will require a script that meets the time constraints set by the original video.

Image of lasers to illustrate connectivity in translation servicesAt Bath Translations we produce only the most accurate and highest-quality transcriptions. The professional translators, transcribers and voiceover artists we work with transcribe into their native tongues and all of our linguists have at least three years of experience in their fields. The majority of the linguists we work with are also members of a national translation organisation and, as such, are required to abide by the organisation’s code of conduct.


All of our transcribed translations are also checked and revised by a second translator. This level of quality control is essential for any market-facing copy.


To discuss your transcription needs with a professional, simply contact our team.

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