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Website Localisation

Website localisation is a special skill. It’s very different from word-for-word translation.

Localisation requires a team of qualified mother tongue translators who have a thorough understanding of not just the target language, but also the target culture and the target market. This knowledge is essential for ensuring that your web content appeals to the people in the regions you’re targeting.

Localisation experts also need an eye for design. This enables them to make sure that the finished product looks as good in the target language as it does in its original form.

At Bath Translations, we select the translator with the qualifications best suited to your website content, goal and target market.

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With increased globalisation comes an increased pressure on multinationals to provide on-target marketing to their target audiences all over the world. This might mean promoting a skincare product to clients in markets as diverse as Russia and Brazil, or promoting a nutritional supplement to markets all across the EU.

For such a campaign to succeed, you will require consistent marketing assets that convey the same message and provoke identical emotional responses in each target market.

This requires so much more than simple translation; it requires transcreation. Transcreation is creative translation that ensures the message is adapted to carry the same meaning across the entire marketing region.

Transcreation is particularly important when it comes to launching a new drug or medical device, selling a new cosmetic line or opening up new overseas retail outlets.

By using our transcreation services, you will achieve a much higher level of customer acceptance and understanding of new-to-market products than you would with translation alone.

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