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Life-Science and Technology Translation Services

Our main area of specialisation is our expert life-science and technology translation services. We work in most mainstream languages but specialise in Asian languages such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean as well as non-standard languages such as Thai, Malay, Russian and Arabic.

Expert Linguists

Our team of dedicated linguists have been providing expert life-science and technology translation services to clients for over 2 decades. Our team have native cultural knowledge of their countries, and are well placed to communicate nuances in their translation, interpreting and voiceover work. We are proud of our commitment to quality, our attention to detail and our dedication to customer service.

In line with ISO requirements all customer-facing translations may be proofread by a second independent linguist to provide a further level of quality control.

Our linguists have advanced language skills, are experts in their specific sectors and are quality driven. Most of our team of global linguists have at least 3-years full-time experience as translators or interpreters. We are a specialist life-science and technology translation services provider.

What We Translate

Our expert life-science and technical translation services includes: medical translation, patent translation, pharmaceutical translation, clinical trial translation and biotechnology translation services

We have worked in the areas of oncology, cardiology, arthritis, paediatrics, Parkinson’s disease, dementia, palliative care, medical robotics and medical ethics.

Our extensive team of linguists are also comfortable handling personal documents such as car insurance or health claims, visa application documents or documents for small local businesses.

We also provide extensive language services for blue chip companies such as the translation of PIL, clinical trial documentation, medical and pharmaceutical video transcription and voiceovers.

Clinical Trials

We have extensive experience working with CROs and clinical trial documentation for pharmaceutical companies. We recognise that clinical trials are an essential part of drug development and that translation is a crucial part of this process.

We understand that each stage of a clinical trial has its own documentation and timelines. Our job is to assess the unique translation requirements of each trial and to suggest the most efficient translation approach at each stage.

We can also carry out back translations as a final quality assurance check.

Since 2014, we have worked on several UK-based clinical trials, including studies into Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, autoimmune diseases and oncology.

    Image of documents. Document translation services UK
    Here are some examples of the clinical trial documentation we can handle for you:
      • Clinical trial protocols
      • Patient information sheets
      • Informed consent forms (ICFs)
      • Investigator brochures (IBs)
      • Serious adverse event (SAE) reports (pharmacovigilance)
      • Patient questionnaires
      • Patient diaries
      • Event logs
      • Patient records
      • Subject discharge reports
      • Standard operating procedures (SOPs)
      • Ethics committee reports
      • Review board reports and correspondence

    Back Translation

    A back translation is used to provide an idea of completeness, accuracy and general meaning.

    A back translation is carried out by experienced and qualified translators who do not have access to the original source document. This means that the final back translation will be a genuine reflection of the actual translation. Provided that the meaning of the original has been retained, the back translation can be considered accurate.

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    Marketing Materials (Transcreation)

    It’s crucial that your marketing message is appropriate for your target audience’s culture. Culture sensitivity is always top of mind as we translate your copy. Our team of marketing linguists aren’t just fluent in your target language. They are also proficient in medical and pharmaceutical terminology. This ensures our translations are both effective and accurate.

    A more creative approach is often needed to translate marketing materials. This is to ensure that the translation has the required impact in the foreign language. The tone and meaning of the original copy will be kept but localised to suit the culture of the target country and audience. This is called ‘transcreation’.

    Here are some of the marketing materials we can translate for you:
    • Brochures
    • Advertising
    • Newsletters
    • Websites
    • Corporate communications
    • Questionnaires
    • Training materials
    • Presentation materials
    • Video subtitling
    • Video voiceovers
    Image of a graph. Document translation services UK

    Medical Device Translation

    We have experience translating medical device brochures for medical personnel and layperson end users. As well as focusing on using the correct terminology, we also emphasise clarity to ensure that all users can easily understand how to operate the device in question. It’s important that there is no ambiguity in these kinds of instructions, which is why we only use linguists who have extensive experience in the medical device translation field.

    Image of dentists equipment. Medical document translation
    Here are some examples of the kinds of documentation that we can translate:
    • Instruction leaflets
    • Operating manuals
    • Package inserts
    • Labels
    • Patents
    • Data sheets
    • Regulatory compliance documentation

    Contact us for further details

    Pharmaceutical Documentation Translation

    All of our pharmaceutical translation work is carried out by highly-qualified translators who only work in this specialised area. To ensure complete accuracy, we also assess their work in-house.

    Our pharmaceutical services cover a wide range of pharmaceutical document translation.

    Here are some examples of the documents we handle:

    • Manufacturing protocols
    • Academic papers
    • Journal articles
    • Expert reports
    • Marketing documentation
    • Pharmaceutical brochures
    • Product training materials
    • Sales training materials
    • Press releases

    The majority of the linguists employed in this area have extensive industry-specific knowledge in one or more of the following fields: biotechnology, biochemistry, chemistry, organic chemistry, cell biology, molecular biology, immunology, microbiology and toxicology.

    Image of pills. Technical translation UK

    Pharmacovigilance Translation

    Pharmacovigilance is the reporting, assessment and treatment of adverse drug reactions (ADRs). Such reports are assessed by teams of scientists around the world to evaluate a drug’s ADRs and are therefore often translated into multiple languages in a short timeframe.

    This is a highly-specialised area of work, as the content often relates to new drugs, and the reports are highly complex. We have extensive experience in translating such reports for major pharmaceutical companies. Our team of specialist linguists does not compromise on accuracy or quality.

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    Regulatory Documentation Translation

    Pharmaceutical product information is vital for patient safety. It is also important for medical staff, as it is used to inform patients about the effectiveness and characteristics of the products in question.

    Our team of industry-accredited specialist linguists have the linguistic skills and subject-specific knowledge needed to accurately translate regulatory documentation.

    Some of the product documents we are experts at translating include the following:

    • EU product information documents
    • Summaries of product characteristics (SmPCs)
    • Patient Information Leaflets (PILs)
    • Packaging inserts and labels
    • Material safety data sheets (MSDS)
    • Medical agency and regulatory documentation

    Two qualified translators translate your documentation. The first translator does the initial translation. The second translator double-checks the first translation for accuracy, consistency of terminology and readability. We then check the documentation a third time to guarantee accuracy of the highest quality.

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    Document translation service

    Patent Translation Services

    We offer IP translations for both publication and information purposes.

    We handle:
    • Prior art documentation
    • Patent translation for information purposes
    • Proceedings and correspondence
    • International search organisation opinions


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