The Common Problems During Translation

The Common Problems During Translation

Because of globalisation, most companies nowadays are looking for translation services to make their businesses ready for the international market. Excellent document translation increases market potential. This enables a wide range of audience to understand it in their own language. With the need for this kind of service, translators need to have a specific set of skills to overcome language barriers. Here are some hurdles that they usually deal with to successfully complete a translation.

Language Structure

You must take note that each language has its own unique roots and structure. In general, the English sentence comprises a subject, verb and object. However, it is important to know that in some languages, the order is different. As a result, translators have to add, remove, and rearrange source words to effectively communicate in the target language.

Idiomatic Expressions

Not all words should be translated literally. Remember that every language has its own functioning idioms which are used to amplify messages creatively. This makes them unique but at the same time, this also serves as a challenge in translating. For this reason, you must be careful in translating these expressions to avoid misinterpretation.

Understanding the Culture

Another important thing to consider is the culture. Translators should take into account the cultural context of the country each language comes from. This is to ensure that the message would be encoded and transmitted correctly.

Having Sector Expertise

Being a translator is not just about being fluent in the language but also being an expert in different business fields. For example, in translating medical documents, you must be familiar with the jargons that are being used. On the other hand, when it comes to legal documents, the translator should know about the country’s legal system and its laws to effectively translate it.

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October 8, 2018

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