Professional translation services offer global markets in the palm of your hand

Globalisation is here to stay and most companies nowadays are looking to expand even further into international markets. To do this successfully a company needs access to reliable language services such as translation services and professional interpreting services. Excellent document translation that specifically targets your overseas customers’ needs increases market potential.  If you have well-written materials in your potential client’s language you automatically have more traction in a new market. Professional language service providers (LSPs) such as professional translation services or professional interpreters require a specific set of skills to be able to produce useful translations. Here are some hurdles professional linguists often have to overcome to successfully complete a translation or to provide quality interpretation

Language Structure

Each language has its own unique roots and structure. In general, an English sentence comprises a subject, verb and object. However, many languages are structured completely differently. As a result, most translators have to ignore the original syntax and semantics to effectively communicate in the target language. This is where machine translation can often fail.


Sector Expertise

Professional translators and interpreters are not simply fluent in a certain language are also expert in different fields. For example, when translating technically challenging medical documents a translator must understand complex medical terms and concepts and also be familiar with the science being discussed. To obtain such detailed knowledge, professional translators undertake a great deal of training in the medical field. Many linguists spend a great deal of time attending specialist workshops run by clinicians.

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