Instead of performing a word-for-word translation, website localisation focuses on the specific country’s conventions, cultural differences and even the right website design to suit the target market’s preferences. Simply put, this strategy has the capacity to boost your company’s marketing efforts by showing your international audience that you pay attention to them and their culture.

Apart from the fact that online customers are 4 times more likely to buy from multilingual websites with their own language included, here are the most important reasons why website localisation is definitely in your favour.

1. Building credibility

It is essential that your website visitors understand your content well to ensure that they will have a great experience at all times. One way of doing so is by serving them the site’s content in their native language. This will make them see that you are interested in earning and keeping their attention whilst also catering to their needs as a unique group and culture at the same time.

2. Gaining SEO benefits

Today’s level of online competition landscape in terms of successfully driving traffic to everyone’s own site is higher than ever before. Since there is a lower volume of content created in other languages than English, localising your website allows you to boost your Domain Authority which can easily increase your SEO goals.

3. Creating a cost-effective alternative for immediately entering the national markets

If your business goal is to expand and participate in international trade, then entering an international customer base is the right solution. However, opening a new shop in a foreign country is not the best approach to take immediately. Creating a multilingual website beforehand is a better option as it allows you to ‘test the waters’ on having a physical presence in the global market but avoids incurring the initial overhead costs of a whole new venture.

Bath Translations offer a superb website localisation service for life science and high-tech industries. We have a team of qualified translators who have a thorough understanding of the target language, as well as the target culture and market. This ensures that your website content and goals are ultimately met. Get a quote today by sending us an email or calling 01985 250074 for enquiries.