We have been providing German to English technical translation services to support a long-term client with their GMP. In each production cycle we have been translating several technical documents from their overseas production plant. At the end of each production run we receive several documents relating to sanitation of the production equipment used in each of the production runs.
This is to ensure that the drugs produced are of the highest standard and is also an EMA regulatory requirement.
These documents are complex, hand-written and technically challenging to understand.

Our linguistic team and project managers work under time-pressures to translate each of these into English. This often involves rendering obscure technical terms into the correct English term. There are usually several queries that we have to raise with the client to ensure that we have fully-understood what the source language information is ‘saying’.

This project also involves complex formatting of multi-layered tables and graphs. Attention to detail is crucial to ensure that all of the information is conveyed in the target text.


GMP Good Manufacturing Practice certified stamp on craft paper. 3d illustration