Language services for the life science industriesThere are many UK and EU businesses that are already exporting overseas. Many of them have established markets but still need to expand their client base. There are also numerous European businesses that are looking to expand their client base overseas. There is no better tool than having online marketing videos spoken in the client’s language.

We provide this service to our clients by first transcribing their current language videos into the target language, then getting a professional voice over artist to dub the video into the foreign language of their choice. This is all done in state of the art recording studios for a truly professional result.

We also offer additional services such as cultural advice regarding what foreign clients expect in video presentations. Cultural norms differ in other countries as to what is expected in a promotional video. Our professional linguists can provide advice as to what to include and what to avoid. Also it’s important to include the key personnel that will create a positive impact for foreign clients. This could be the MD in one instance but a knowledgeable technician in another. All of these details are important to tailor your marketing video to the target market.